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The man who never was by Ewen Montagu

The Secret War - The Man Who Never Was/The White Rabbit//Ill Met By Moonlight/Carve Her Name With Pride - Ewen Montagu, Bruce Marshall, W. Stanley Moss, Rubeigh James Minney

Please note that  I am reviewing only this story in this book and I have read it as a separate story on kindle - do not see any cover for it here. Part of the reason I have found out about this book was because I was talking to a colleague who is a walking historical encyclopedia and I was telling him how much I loved "The longest day - epic of the D-Day" by Cornelius Ryan. Then he proceeded to tell me about some Intelligence operations allies conducted to mess up Germans' minds about where invasions will happen.


So he told me that this book deals with how British Intelligence conducted the operation to misdirect Germans' attentions from Cicily to Greece, so of course I had to read it.


I am very glad I have read it - I thought the length the agents went to make sure that dead body who had the fake documents they were hoping Germans command would read and believe was amazing. How they tried to predict everything - at what temperature the body would look the certain way, how they created the whole backstory for him, what should be in his pockets to make him more believable. They even gave him an engagement party (don't ask!). It was awesome.


Having said that, I am sure the guy was a great Intelligence officer, but he was not a good writer in a sense that he paid too much attention to the detail. As much as I was eager to learn a lot about this operation, I am not really interested to see the questions you were going to ask the pathologist like bullet points, you know?