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All Kinds of Tied Down - Mary Calmes



All our interactions with suspects ended the same way. I would say, hey, let's wait for backup or a warrant. I'd mention we didn't have probable cause, and sometimes I would even go so far as to point out we weren't armed because it was our damn day off! Not that he ever listened. The chase was always on seconds after I spoke. The fact that he even stopped to listen to me before acting stunned most people who knew us"


So this is how the book starts, yeah? Hey Ms. Calmes please do not ever write about legal subjects, pretty please? Was that supposed to be a character flaw? US Marshal who does not like to follow the law? Who likes to rough up the suspects but not a lot, just a bit?


UGH, just UGH. I am being very good and since I am addicted to the sameness of your books, I won't ever criticize that about them any longer - I keep buying I deserve it, but what the heck? I guess attempts not to follow your formula comes off as ten times worse to me.


But hey, "he  came from the military and wasn't versed in proper police procedure or adherence to the letter of the law"?!


So, raising hand here. Why is he in the US Marshals then? That's not one of the prerequisites? UGH can I one star it now?