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If two of them are dead by Jana Denardo

 took a chance based on four star review and overall it was indeed not a bad mystery. Not overly complicated, but the story is on the shortISH side so it was fine. The inspector did some actual investigation and there was even an attempt at planting a clue at the beginning of the book.

Unfortunately some weird imagery popped up couple of times, which jerked me out of the story and badly - it was just body parts descriptions, nothing major (eyes specifically) but my goodness. We have "storm-tossed orbs", we also have "desire hidden in the fat round pupils" (the heck? Somebody explain to me how eyes could be fat please?))

As I said, nothing major, but annoying nonetheless.

The world building needed work - steam machines alone don't really make an AU world no?

And I was forewarned by the review that it is not really a romance, but my goodness the attraction was extra fast.

2.5 stars rounded to three.