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Ten favorite m/m books

I have not done this for a while, and I like doing it, so here we go. Disclaimer - I can easily name thirty/forty m/m books which I like just about the same, but  I want to limit to ten, so I did. Some books do not seem to disappear from my list no matter how many times I am playing this game, but some do and new one appear.


This is almost in no particular order.


1. "Almost like being in love" by Steve Kluger.


2. "Whistling in the dark" by Tamara Allen.


3. "The only gold" by Tamara Allen.


4. "Lord of the white hell" by Ginn Hale.


5. "Rifter" by Ginn Hale


6. "Gives Light" by Rose Christo (yes, I know  this is series. I count it as one book because I want to ;)


7.  "Kei's Gift" by Ann Sommerville.


8. "Cold front" and "Unsettlled Conditions" by Ann Sommerville (see above)


9  "Magpie Lord" by KJ Charles (once again, I want to count second book so I do ;)


10.  'Magic Mansion" by JCP.


11. "Death by misfortune" by AM Riley.


So these are mine as of this moment, tell me yours? :)