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The Protector - Cooper West

I am not sure why I bought this one. Probably because even though I have read plenty of books with werewolves, I actually do not remember (I am sure I read at least one I just do not remember off the top of my head - probably not very memorable ones) reading m/m book, when one of the main characters is a weredog.

I have read something by this writer, but it was years ago, so I was curious to see if I like the writing style. I really did, I thought it was very engaging. The blurb talks about Protector and Handler being a bonded pair, so I was kind of worried that what we will have here is a mating bond and "I am your mate, hear me roar" thing. Not quite, yes, many of these couples end up falling in love, but the author weaved so many *variations* of how the bond may work in the story that I was very very pleased. Some of these guys were friends first before their bond manifested, some started with the bond, and end up falling in love. Some *never* fall in love and end up having their loved ones being kind of part of extended pack/family (it is not really like werewolves stories, do not worry, there are no running around packs in this book). Basically bond in this novel means instant physical need and yes, sexual attraction, but it sure as heck does not necessarily mean love and it absolutely does not mean Insta!Love.

And Marcus and Alex demonstrate it very well - it sure takes them long to stop denying their bond even though they have good reasons to do so and it takes them even longer to fall and acknowledge their love. Blurb tells you that Alex is a widower (under weird circumstances as well) so I am not spoiling anything, but I loved how his love for his dead Handler and husband never went away, was never dropped as a part of the storyline and even when he acknowledges his love for Marcus he also knows that his feelings for Theo never would go away. Why would they? I hate when it happens in romance books. Aren't our loved ones who left us always leave a part of them in our hearts even when we meet somebody new?

There is also a suspense plot. It is not really a mystery, I mean it kind of is, in a sense that somebody is gunning for Alex and people around him at some point, but it is pretty obvious who does it, even though I had no idea why till the reasons are revealed. They are not investigating when danger comes, not really they are just fighting to bring the villain down when they see who he is and to survive.