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Hey guys, some of you may know that I am always up for m/m romance that deals with "from enemies to lovers" trope - any variations of this trope are always always welcome (as long as it does not contain rape between the protagonists please).


But today I wanted to ask if anybody knows good redemption story, it does not need to be a romance, but I would like for the person seeking redemption to actually achieve it at the end and stay alive :)


Any genre will do, truly - I do not care what it is, but I want for the hero to try to work on correcting mistakes of his past - any mistakes, he may have been a criminal, or something on more legal, but personal scale.


Thanks in advance - again any genre, lit fic, classics (but as I said, I would like for the character to be alive)


Also I do not care if the religion plays important role in him getting redemption or not, I do want the whole story not to be centered around religion.