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I really liked it but it is definitely not for everybody

The Martian - Andy Weir

So while m/m bestseller lists usually disappoint me more often than not, I actually sometimes get really enjoyable surprises from NY times bestseller list and this book was for sure one of them.  Basically I think it is correct to call this book a modern Robinson Crusoe , but I think even closer comparison would be "The mysterious island" by Jules Verne. Those of you who read the book (I read it I do not know how many times over couple decades) know that while it is a story of friendship and survival, the author describes their work on many different things in great detail. And same here, although it is done in scifi settings - if you do not enjoy a person with scientific mind actually running up the math about how much of square feet he can use to grow potatoes, how to make more water, etc, you won't like this book, I cannot stress it enough.


I am not a science geek, not at all, but I love this stuff being explained to me and I think author for the most part made it really fun and easy to understand. Mark is very likeable, and while he is not cheerful all the time (I am surprised he managed to be cheerful at times), there were funny moments I loved. Of course the author gives him some initial help (there are some basic supplies left at the station because initially the whole team was supposed to stay on not just Marc trying to survive), but hey the heroes of "The mysterious island" had some help too - does not diminish lots of work and creative thinking they did.


This is also a story of NASA and the rest of the planet really trying to save Mark. Hey I loved reading about the best of humanity - it was believable and pleasant I won't deny. I hear about the worst of humanity often enough.


Four stars because while very few at times my eyes did  glaze over some computer and science stuff.