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Pen Name - Doctor Chicken - K.C. Burn

Being clumsy is not a character flaw, really truly it is not. I know I know - the example of Bella Swan can be tempting to imitate, but all it did is annoyed the crap out of me. And it is a shame, because really the book is not badly written, there are some very humorous moments, but every time Stratford's (yes,I know - Stratford) clumsiness was empathized I felt like rolling my eyes. I do not know whether it was to add charm to him (and he was an okay character, do not get me wrong), or for some other reason, but as I said I suspect that was to give him some flaw which he should be working on.


And it was weird, because other character Vinny had some very real character flaw, which he indeed needed to work on - like how not to control your boyfriend. And Vinny had an understandable reason to learn how to be in charge and yes, how to be in control because he was taking care of his family all his life, so I thought it was very nicely done how his good quality became a flaw when he applied it to his newly found boyfriend. And Stratford is well, clumsy. What the heck?  I guess he also avoids confrontations so maybe that could count as a real character flaw?



The attraction was the very second one - annoying, but whatever - I keep trying to tell myself that I have to avoid 90% of m/m books otherwise. Sometimes it work, often it does not.


The ending was - hey, I will try not to be controlling, let's make up and do happily ever after.