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Life After Life - Kate Atkinson

Lately when I decide to pick up literary fiction, I usually go with something on
the bestseller list hoping that it will at least be well written. I mean, I do
read reviews and I bought this one after reading a particularly good review on
trusted review site. Do not get me wrong, the writing was probably in the top
10% of the books written in English that I have ever read and what mattered even
more to me, this was a really engaging read. Ursula was an interesting and
likeable character, but as much as I thought the trick with her dying and living
again and reliving all the moments in her life was neat, I kind of found myself
caring less and less about the character since it seemed that nothing could
touch her anyway.

The ending was as many reviewers noted absent and it
was kind of annoying to me, not because I mind open endings, but I kind of
started wondering what was the point. I mean, it certainly was an interesting
character study, maybe that is enough?