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Just did not work for me at all

Crossing the Line - Megan Slayer

So, the guys are "enemies" - because they play on the opposite football teams. I
did not feel they were real enemies at all, I mean I get that they were supposed
to have the rivalry, but the teams were not even pro, their games felt more like
hobbies, so I just did not feel it.

But what did not work for me the most
was Ryan being a "dominant" in the bedroom. He pined for Paul for months, was so
shy that he could not even hold a normal conversation and then he flips the
switch and "Hear me roar, I am the dominant". Sorry, no, does not work for

And they love each other after what? Two times of having

And BDSM is more than using your toys on another person, I just was
not feeling them doing the kinky.

Did not like would not recommend.