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The Gambler - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, C.J. Hogarth I have read the book in the language of the original, so I just randomly chose the edition to post the review. What can I say? Every time I read Dostoevsky, I have that urge to send most of the writers I have read to some sort of writing school, I think of his talent that highly. I know very few writers who can analyse the person in such depth and write about it with such grace. What a spot on description of gambling addiction and at the same time I could feel nothing but pity for the narrator.

My only problem is that the more I read Dostoevsky the harder it gets for me to forgive his antisemitism. I mean, I do forgive him, I keep telling myself that the era should be blamed and that he just did not know any better, but maybe he just did not want to know any better? And this book only has a couple of throaway remarks about "zhidov". I shudder to think as to how he would have chosen to portray Jew as main character. Oh well, as I said I try to remember that he was the product of his times and that very few russian writers of 19 century had sympathetic feelings towards Jews and I still read them.

Other than that? Brilliant book in my view.