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The Other Guy - Cary Attwell I loved Emory's voice, I found his narration so very adorable and funny . I did not laugh out loud much, but I giggled many times and I am unlikely to forget his voice any time soon. His meeting with Ned was entertaining, but what I was so very impressed with was their chemistry and the writer managed it without explicit sex scenes too. All sex fades to black in this book and yes, romance without explicit sex is still a romance :)

I have read romances which have great characterization, plot and hot sex scenes. I however also read so many romances where sex *becomes* a plot and I usually really dislike it. That is why I am always so very pleased when I discover a romance which has plot, wonderful characters and sex fades to black - as far as I am concerned it only gives a good writer more space to concentrate on characters and chemistry between them. Nothing wrong with good sex, do not get me wrong, but if I were to choose, I will always choose characters and chemistry between them over the explicit sex scenes. If you can do all three good - awesome, but if not, please concentrate on plot and characters. I know that I am in the minority, but readers like me really do exist :-)