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Long Shadows (Common Law Book 1) - Kate Sherwood

I really enjoyed this story while I was reading it. This is a beginning of the series and apparently according to Riptide publishing website it is a four part series, so to get the whole story you would have to pay twelve dollars at least (since I am not sure if the next books will be priced same as this one or not).
Jericho Crewe, now LAPD detective comes back to the small town of Mosely, Montana, where he was born and lived till he was seventeen. Jericho left at seventeen and mostly did not look back since his dear old dad was abusive to him, although he also left his first love when he left - Wade with whom they got into mischief and even in some trouble with the law together when they were teens. Jericho's exemplary military service, deployment record went a long way towards LAPD hiring him despite him being arrested as a teenager. I liked that the author addressed that moment.
Jericho is back because he got a strange phone call from the woman telling him his father is hurt and to hurry back. When Jericho comes back he learns that his father is dead. He is not too upset, but his father was still his father and he decides to figure out what is going on and since there are signs that his father was probably murdered, maybe find out who killed him.

Oh and sheriff in town is his other childhood friend, Kayla, a daughter of the former sheriff, however federal agents are also here looking into investigation, since Jericho's father dabbled in some illegal activities like smuggling so maybe his business associates killed him. And surprises just keep coming because Jericho learned that his daddy remarried and he now has young half siblings and step mother Nikki who called him.

And Wade is still in town and would love to get a hold on Jericho's father business contacts. Lots of stuff had the potential to happen and it kept happening. I described the set up of the story which we learn very early, believe me I did not describe any real spoilers.

I really liked Jerricho, I liked his sarcastic voice, I liked him for being truly honorable guy who decided to stick around and help. I have to say though - while to a degree I understand his newly found step mother's behavior (no, she did not kill anybody - although maybe I should not be so fast, maybe we will learn that she did kill somebody in the next books although I doubt it) boy the woman was an ungrateful shrew I thought.

No thank you to Jerricho? Not even a thank you? He never knew you existed and after everything he did, not even a thank you. I know I would have left and not turned back. Wow.

This was a true romantic suspense IMO, because suspense storyline drove the plot, and of course there was a tension between Jerricho and Wade, but nothing happened. I wonder for how long Jerricho's resolve that he is supposed to uphold the law and Wade is on the other side of the law would last. I am certainly giving the next book a chance, but I recognize that it has the potential to be thrown against the wall for me as well.