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Random ramble (not addressed to anybody on this site who reads my reviews!)

So I just needed to get it off my chest because I was not interested in flaming the flames elsewhere, feel free to ignore me. When I review a book, I am so happy to hear from other people who loved the book I hated or hated the book I loved, or vice versa . Disagreement can make for the excellent discussion.


But if stranger on the internet would tell me  that I should not have chosen the book to review because hey, I had been reading the genre for too long and me being honest and disclosing that means that my review is a waste of time, I am pretty darn sure that the owner of the website I review for may end my (unpaid) reviewing gig and pronto, because I don't see myself being very civil in response to such suggestion.


And yeah I see red if such comments are directed at my colleague too. Nobody in my life ever directed my choice of leisure reading material - not since I was a little kid of seven or eight, standing in front of my grandmother's bookcase and trying to decide whether I will grab 'Count Monte Christo" or World war two spy adventure to read next. I am always open to recommendations, but directives will be met with as much attention as they so deserve.


End rant.