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What in the name of all holy am I reading? At 44% so far

Minotaur - J.A. Rock

It is a well written book, do not get me wrong, but so effing mislabeled. I do not understand why am I supposed to go to Riptide website to check on every book I am getting from them, especially if I am getting so few from them these days. Literally Alex Beecroft's trilogy seems to be the only one I got before this one in the last six months. Amazon lists it as a romance. Romance my foot! Main character is a nasty bully in the boarding school for girls (I have the feeling text wants me to feel that this is almost a prison, only see it is not quite described like that - seems like most teachers care and girls can leave when they are eighteen - hard to find a job, almost impossible to be adopted, but it is possible), but I am guessing she would turn out to be abused (right now once again text is not saying that), so that's why I guess.


Then her love interest arrives in the school, also with secrets and YAY she changes because she wants to be nice to be admired by other girl or something. And what she really wants is to be a warrior and kill Minotaur who terrorized the city at some point till she was contained in the labirint and this is where my eyes roll so hard everytime Minotaur mentioned and she is mentioned a lot, because apparently main character dreams with her or something.


See when you are reworking Greek myth or any myth, your settings obviously can be whatever, but in my humble opinion you should make sure that the mythical actually connects well with the mundaine and the labyrinth and Minotaur just makes no sense for me in the American city (fictional but still ) in the thirties.