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Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie, Adjoa Andoh
Breq is a soldier who used to be a warship. Once a weapon of conquest controlling thousands of minds, now she has only a single body and serves the emperor.
With a new ship and a troublesome crew, Breq is ordered to go to the only place in the galaxy she would agree to go: to Athoek Station to protect the family of a lieutenant she once knew - a lieutenant she murdered in cold blood.
Very briefly, because no matter what I want to say feels like a spoiler. I liked this book better than the first one. Yes, Breq became less AI like and more human, and her decisions made more sense but that's what make her easier to relate to for me. Having said that, I still do not believe that this book explores any groundbreaking themes you know? It was joy to read and I liked it a lot, but right now it goes under 'Three body problem" on my Hugo ballot. We shall see how 'Goblin emperor" will measure up.