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Just Desserts (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) - Mary Calmes

So yay I can now feed addictions without paying extra for them lol. Now the only reason I am reviewing this one really is to compare with Marie Sexton's part of this anthology/series, whatever. And it is not much of the review because I am just going to say "typical Mary Calmes" and be done with it (and it is not a bad thing because as I learned when she starts to walk away from her formula - God save us all).


But while I think that writing in Marie Sexton's story was head and shoulders above this one - characterizations had actual depth, emotions, etc, I am going to say that cookbook was actually used better here. In Mary Sexton's book the cookbook felt like magical catalyst of the feelings of grief and love and figuring stuff out, because people who had those feelings buried or could not face them needed more time.


Here, well, both guys needed swift kick in the rear and were way overdue to deal with their feelings, so cookbook did not feel so artificial if that makes sense.


I also read Amy Lane's story and going to say the same thing - I love Marie Sexton's writing the most, but I liked how she used the cookbook the least out of the three stories. I can't be bothered with reviewing Amy Lane anymore. But thank you Scribd once again.