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Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind - Ann B. Ross

I saw the book number fifteen or sixteen of this series on NY times bestseller list and I got curious and went searching for book one. I restrained the one click instinct and instead found it on Scribd. I do not know what I think about this book to be honest. First of all for some reason I expected a cozy mystery. I am not even sure why - most likely I just made a stupid assumption. I am not sure what I got instead. Cozy drama? I guess so, because there was no mystery - there was a surprise twist or two at the end, but while there are not very nice people in this book, they do not commit murder and mayham (although they try for some kidnapping I guess).


Miss Julia is probably the main reason why I am not sure how I feel about this book. Yes, she is a charming lady who recently lost her husband and who can be very blunt. But as you can see from the blurb her husband was an ass and she stayed with him for forty four years and that kind of makes me doubt her intelligence. I mean, do not get me wrong, I get if she had her head in the clouds and was in love with him, but the way she described her marriage proposal, it is clear that she accepted out of practicality more than anything else.


I mean she is clearly shocked when another woman with her dead husband's kid shows up, so she did not expect her husband to cheat on her, but hell forty four years? No suspicions at all about anything?


And while she seems a kind woman overall, her sharp tongue notwithstanding, quite a few of her fellow churchgoers are just so not. And her pastor especially .


I doubt I will continue.