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Kindling the Moon - Jenn Bennett

This book was featured  in the deals section of the DA and I love UF and wanted something new so I caved. This is the first book in the series and as far as I can see the series are complete with four (or was it five ?) books and from what I read it  ended on the strong note.


I really liked it - no vampires and werewolves, this world is our world with changes which are made by presence  of Demons and the interesting twists are done with who they are and how they ended in our world and the other world. The heroine Arcadia "Cady" Bell is a strong character in the  best sense of the  definition as I understand it. She is not whiny, she likes her magic and she likes that she is good at it - which was a very refreshing change. She has some "parental" issues, definitely - the main UF storyline is concerned with her trying to help her parents with their serious troubles, but those issues are lets just say a bit unusual. She does end up having at least some special powers (what UF heroine doesn't?) but it certainly did not go overboard for me, very far from it in fact.


Romance was on the backburner, but lovely - so nice to see two adults trying to negotiate their growing relationship in the adult way. You know, when one of them gets pissed at each other for good reason, but overreacts they apologize to each other and I loved that.



The final twist in the story unsettled me though, probably that's the best word to use. I am not downgrading for that, because I think it was fitting the story and foreshadowed perfectly (Hear me Abigail Roux? Oh never mind, wrong review). I could  trace it back when the story was finished and say - AHA, should have seen it, but I did not care for it.