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Home the Hard Way - Z.A. Maxfield

So I will be honest - I was tempted by this book a lot when it first came out few months ago (I think it was few months ago), because mystery and I love mysteries but reviews were strange. Most complained about unwarned for BDSM, complaint which I did not feel much about (because as much as  I dislike Riptide publishing practices they did warn on their website, I fully respect desire not to read BDSM, but I do not think it is too much of a burden to check out publisher's website).


But also there were complaints about inconsistent main character and I did not get the book - I love early ZAM, but after several misses I left her books behind. But I found this book on Scribd and I caved. The first half or so is *lovely* - characters are layered and interesting, you want to get to know them, the mystery is something you want to find out.


But hey, apparently drunk person who never did BDSM before is in the right state to be introduced to it. Yeah, no, as I wrote to a friend - what the actual fuck.


And hey, one day m/m book will introduce me to the characters who enjoy BDSM because you know, they enjoy kink and not because they are broken and BdSM heals them - I was bullied in school, so I need to be a master cause you know I never want to be a victim.


I wanted to review for DA, but I need to step away, because right now the review is going to look as a very ranty rant.