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Silent Witness (A Dylan Scott Mystery) - Shirley Wells

After his ex-wife bled to death in a bathtub covered in his fingerprints, the case against Aleksander Kaminski seemed open and shut. Though sentenced to life in prison, he swears he's innocent, a claim supported by his current wife.

Private investigator Dylan Scott finds himself drawn back to dreary Lancashire in a search for justice. The evidence against Kaminski is damning, but having been unjustly jailed himself, Dylan is compelled to pursue the case; if there's even a small chance the man is innocent, he has to help. The other obvious suspect—the victim's second husband—has a watertight alibi. But Dylan has a strong hunch that as usual, there's more going on than meets the eye in Dawson's Clough.

The deeper Dylan digs, the more secrets he unearths. The question remains: If Kaminski didn't murder his childhood sweetheart, who did?


Brief review:


I have read the first book in this series on Sunita's recommendation and really enjoyed it, but then read a certain spoiler and abandoned the series. And when she reviewed this book (third one) I decided I can still read it and this was one of my vacation reads. I really liked the mix of Dylan's personal and professional life, his relationship with his wife Beth which  is still work in progress after their time apart is very important but it does not overshadow the mystery plot.  Dylan is fascinating character, flawed but I liked him a lot, and Beth and his mom.


I thought the mystery was tightly plotted and most importantly it surprised me, the revelation I mean. And now when I am typing this, I realized that I have a plot related question which I cannot ask without revealing who done it. GAH.