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Jackdaw - K.J. Charles

So I have read a lot while on vacation and going to do some brief notes. This was the first book I have read on my way to Aruba and I finished it the first day there. I remembered Jonah well from the last Magpies book and herein lied the problem. I really liked the chemistry between Jonah and Ben. Any variation on enemies to lovers, including lovers -> enemies -> lovers like in this book, sign me up! And KJ Charles, sign me up too.


Bottom line, I needed stronger redemption arc for Jonah. I did not need for him to become a perfect person at the end, really, especially considering where he started, but somebody who participated in murders, who was ready to check out whether Lucien will die by carelessly tearing apart that picture, yeah, more remorse was needed.


Lesser problem was flashbacks - for me I needed more of Jonah and Ben in the present.