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Nice but pieces were missing

Straight from the Heart (Exception to the Rule Book 3) - Kimberly Gardner

I bought this book because I really enjoyed the first book in this series m/f romance "His fair lady" and because I like her writing and because fellow DA reviewer Kaetrin actually reviewed this book and I read the review.


I actually completely agree with her - on one hand it is a very nice and sweet college romance between erm, jock and not jock I guess. Dave is a football player, Kyle (roommate and best friend of Josie from the first book) is a balet dancer, who is auditioning for the mascot of Dave's team.


Dave's bicuriosity/gay for you, kind of sort, was sweet and as much as possible I was able to swallow it, in fact all characters seemed to act not over the top more or less. I liked them all, but it felt like the author forgot to write some pages of the book. Felt like the character arcs and romance development moved at a strange pace. Now Dave is in doubt how coming out as gay may damage his career, now BOOM he is coming out (that is very close to the end, but I still was feeling weird)