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A bit silly but still a nice read

Damaged Goods - Cooper West

I really enjoyed "Protector" by this writer, not just a story itself, but I really liked her writing, so I was eager to get this book. I do like the writing here as well, and the charactrers are done with a nice, light touch. Having said that, what I liked the most in this book were secondary characters, Jesse's mom for example was a hoot. And actually, I do not think I encountered the character like her in m/m genre before. I also really liked when this book expanded beyond romance and wish it would have expanded more on saving "Gay Straight Aliance" storyline, because that town hall meeting was awesome.

Romance however was, erm, how to put it nicely? The characters sometimes made such silly and unbelievable decisions . They were both nice and likeable, do not get me wrong, but they both suffered from what I diagnose as "behaving as romance characters instead of real people" disease and that took away from my enjoynment somewhat.

Still a pleasant light read, it is just it could have been so much more IMO