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My least favorite book by this writer and I have read most of them

Meatworks - Jordan Castillo Price

And it is very easy to explain why - while it is just as well written as any other book by JCP, I coild care less about Desmond Poole and this does not make for a very good read when one does not care about main character. I believe JCP was fully aware that she was taking a risk with this book - otherwise why write an author's note where she says that she understands it is not easy to love this character, but she hopes that at the end we will roote for his redemption anyway. For this reader this did not happen. I love flawed characters a lot and love redemption stories, but the author took the flawed character one step too many for me. If Desmond Poole dropped dead at the end I would not care. He is too mich of a user of other people for me to feel anything positive about him.

I also missed a twisty and fun plot in this book - pretty much nothing happened.

Four stars for writing and characterization.

One star for emotional engagement with the characters.