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Oh hell no

Everything I Know - Josh Lanyon


So I was not planning to read this story. I have read enough reviews (including excellent two stars review here) to see several possible red flags going up for me, but hey I just started Scribd trial run and apparently Josh Lanyon put a lot of his books here, so when I saw this story, curiosity killed the cat.

I actually was a little bit surprised because couple of things that I thought I would hate I was okay with - strangely Wes' apology for causing Con to lose his job was enough for me. I mean I would not have *minded* more groveling, do not get me wrong, but I was okay with what was there on page.

I also really liked the descriptions of all the problems teachers face in the public schools and how much harder it could be for male teachers, how careless words not even meant that way could easily destroy a career, a life. It was all written with the knowledgeable hand, I liked it a lot.

My huge problems were with the second part of the story. What in the name Connor? What in the name? You really a such a wuss, that you would forgive a guy with whom you had been on three dates for being an ****** to you so fast? Where is that connection to show me that you cannot live without him? I know the writer made an attempt to do so by saying that they were attracted to each other but not asking each other out, but that just was not nearly enough for me.

This story is actually a perfect example of the story which for me needed more pages to develop the relationship. It is not the fact that it is a short story that annoyed me so much - it is the fact that I was not *satisfied* with their relationship. I do not buy that these two will have a future. What is going to happen next time when Wes will have another freak-out?