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Strength of the Wolf - Kendall McKenna

I enjoyed the first book in this series a lot - I thought Lucas and Noah were great couple, but what made me enjoy the first book even more was that it seemed to have an interesting plot as well. There was a lot of interesting military stuff mixed up with all the romance and sex. Lucas and Noah were not just two people getting to know each other, falling in love and learning things about their unusual relationship. They were also two soldiers, they had work to do and I was invested and wanted them to succeed in that part of their lives as well.

I was happy to meet Lucas and Noah, and Tim, their awesome commanding officer again - I was glad that they still had work to do concerning improving the way shifters were used in combat and I just loved seeing Noah and Lucas together.

Tim is getting a love interest in this book, a young True Alpha in transition Jeremy, civilian True Allpha that is. I know that it sounds like I am going to critique the book I wanted to read instead of the book which is written, but I think it was a mistake to make Jeremy a civilian. Actually scratch that, I could care less what profession Jeremy had, I wanted for Tim and Jeremy to spend more time together, and I wanted the author to have a reason for that. Because see, I at least have the impression after finishing the book that 95% of the time (give or take) Tim and Jeremy spent together they spent having sex. I wanted to get to know Jeremy better than that, I wanted to get to know them as a couple better than that.

Hey, Jeremy is an architect, yes? I think three sentences was spent on describing what exactly he wants to do (maybe five). How this could have been incorporated in the story I have no clue, but I am going to go with my mantra - when I am reading romance I want to get to know the men as a human beings (or were in this case), rather than only just sexual beings. Granted I get to know Tim well enough in the first book, but he was a supporting character, should not we continue learning more about him? And I do not feel like I know Jeremy well.

Jeremy's story picks up in the last two chapters of the story. YAY, but also annoying, because apparently we are told that he now acquired almost all the skills True Alpha has before he has to do something important. It would have been nice to see him actually realizing that he has those skills before he got to test them.

Again, I am not a writer, so all of my hypothetical suggestions are just reader's musing about why what actually was on the page did not work for me. Jeremy and Tim did not work for me as well as they could have. I still loved Lucas and Noah and Tim interacting with him and other werewolves though and all the things they did on the Marine bases and on the battlefield. That was awesome.