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Skin Game (Dresden Files) - Jim Butcher

This book gives the reader a little breather after crazy paced last three books which started with "Changes". When I say gives a breather , it is all relative of course. You can breathe as much as you can while watching Harry trying to survive crazy errand dear Mab so kindly volunteered him for. You know, helping Nicodemus of all people.


But at least Harry has some time to spend with Karrin and other friends in the middle of all that and yes, it made sense :). I loved the action, of course I did. I loved that we once again got to see how much Harry is willing to sacrifice for his friends and they for him. I loved that Harry still has flaws both magical and character wise - every book I worry that Butcher will make him Harry Stu and IMO so far this did not happen yet.


I loved that Harry actually showed some wisdom in this book - I think this is the first book where I see Harry using his wits, not just his magical talents trying to outplay somebody. And his plan actually stood a chance :)




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