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Exodus: A Memoir by the Author of Unorthodox - Deborah Feldman

I kind of feel that Booklikes blog format predisposes to writing longer reviews, but this one will be quite short. I have read "Unorthodox" and really enjoyed it - I knew Hasidim were oppressive towards women, but I certainly did not know to what extent (something that most deeply religious communities suffer to some extent from IMO). And I thought Deborah Feldman was a really good writer - I thought she wrote something very powerful in that book.


After reading this one I got an impression that she needed to make more money and wrote the book. Obviously it is hard to review non-fiction, but I feel that especially when somebody so young (she is 27 at the end of the book) is writing Memoirs, the book needs to have a theme. I mean yes, she continues to search for her identity and she still knows how to turn a phrase and some pictures she painted with words were  really powerful (her searching for her grandmother's story before she came to America and survived concentration camps), but I felt that overall the book was wondering around. Do we really need to read about her driving across America?


And ummm, her sexual kink? Do not get me wrong, I read romances, trust me I have read the books where kinks are described  in details and all that, but this  was just, I do not know a  little strange.