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Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders - Cornelia Grey

I saw Ami's review, I bought. Thanks Ami :).


This writer is one of the few m/m writers who I think writes excellent short stories/novellas. This one is no exception. I am not sure when this story is taking place actually - it is either historical or at least pseudo historical. It looks like 19 century, but whether it is, as I said I really am not sure. Benjamin loves guns as blurb says and apparently to work with guns he wants to join the circus and be the assistant of famous Cole Beauchamp. Let me tell you this - at most I immensely dislike guns, at best I could be indifferent to them, but I have never read a story where the love for guns is mixed with such eroticism. It is really tightly and beautifully written, truly have not read a short from her I have not read yet. The ending is HFN as most of her endings, but it really fits the story well IMO.