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yeah it worked for me kind of - as Nick's book that is

Ball & Chain  - Abigail Roux


Obviously the question comes to mind why the heck I was forced to read Nick's book masquerading as Ty and Zane number eight but of course I am not going to get an answer to that. The funny thing is I did not even mind Nick and Kelly being part of investigation and sharing the spotlight with Ty and Zane - as it was it is not like Ty and Zane disappeared. I went into the book extremely worried but for a while it seemed like they were just sharing the spotlight and I was even okay with that. But when Nick started doing all important things - being in charge of investigation (hey apparently veteran FBI is not competent enough we need former police - whatever ), saving the day twice I started getting pissed off. And hey at least Ty got to sort out his issues with Nick. Anybody knows why Ty was not sorting out his issues with Zane instead? Oh right they have no issues anymore. Apparently getting to know each other all over again is not important by the end of the book and no, do not tell me that they got to know each other again over the course of the investigation. They kind of did not have time for that. Zane was not even the pale copy of himself IMO. Yes, I want Zane to change and grow and not be the same character as he was in the beginning of the series, but people do not completely change their personalities over the course of few years especially when they are in their fourties. This Zane was Ty's faithful sidekick - that's all he is good for? Give me a break.

And while I am asking questions since when Ty's friendship with Nick is the most important one? I mean he was always important I know that but all his marine buddies were like his brothers no? Since when Nick is the one? Oh and when did Nick become like a son to Earl and Mara? Rewriting history again? Not that I was that surprised after book seven about the rewriting but yes, it still peeved me.

Oh and do not get me started on the mystery. I mean, I like these kinds of puzzles - do not get me wrong, I do, so I was entertained, BUT as somebody said in another review elsewhere the people who turned out to be behind of the whole thing put a bullet to your head, they do not, they do not plan elaborate clue like mysteries because they want the target to suffer. So silly.

I will read the book number 9 - I invested time and money in these guys, so I want to see this story to its conclusion, but my expectations will be the lowest of the low and I am hoping that this will be the last book.