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King of Dublin by Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau

So I can see that I can add the new book, but with my computer skills I am really afraid that I am going to screw something up and do not want to do it.


I am at 53% - well, I skim and skim the violence, but what bothers me the most - does it have to be so I guess lovingly described?


I am perfectly fine with violent books. I am sometimes even fine with very violent books. I always give an example of "Blood raven" by PL Nunn that worked for me (I never reread it, but I loved the book), but rapey erotica where characters do not make too much sense, annoys me even if it is very well written.


And several times the way characters acted so far made no sense to me.



EDIT: finished. Emotional satisfaction - zero. Technically good writing two - three stars.


Not doing any more detailed review than that because was turning pages of rapes really fast and there are lots of those there.


And stupid question - where is the story? I mean there was a little bit of it, but IMO not much.


I am still trying to wrap my head around why would you try to force somebody (no, not to have sex with you - I get I am not supposed to wonder about it in the story like this) to go home, if that somebody really really does not want to. That stupidity of yours leads to even sillier reason for them to split up, and you know, lets get caught again and endure more violence. I just can't.