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What in the name of all holy did I just read?

Floodgates - Mary Calmes



So for those who do not know - Mary Calmes' books are like crack for me, crack which I at some point tried to give up, but realized that resistance is futile. Her world of extremely loveable and super gorgeous people just does something to me (don't ask me what - I do not know). I read all her books, except (funnily enough) "A Matter of time" series.


So, because I feel that it is not fair to criticize the book for something which I know will be in the book, believe me that I am not criticizing her narrator for being loveable and gorgeous. But you see, apparently my desire for this writer to break away from the formula at least a little bit came true in this book. You know what they say about be careful what you wish for?


Apparently this book was supposed to be a sophisticated mystery and police procedural in addition to being a romance and romance was also supposed to have layers.


That is if you consider a romance being layered when the first twenty or so percent of the story we are treated to a VERY detailed flashback to how our narrator Trace and his cheating ass Brexlin met. And then the ex just hangs around in some capacity wanting Trace to take him back while the stories of his cheating keep popping up. Oh yeah and he made some woman pregnant too.


Funnily I was just recently saying that I want more cheating plots in romance NOT less, because in the hands of talented writer I think this could be an excellent device to make the characters grow and change in a good way. That was not an example of such plot development.


Oh yes, and there is a mystery there. And the guy who is apparently going to be Tracy's new lover is in charge of investigation there? He is, right?


He is an investigator, who thinks that in order to make Trace's safer (when people attempt to kill him) he needs to go to Vermont with his ex and his ex new fiancé . Why? Just do not ask me why. The logic of his thoughts process escaped me and still does escape me.


I would like to offer you one guess as to whether going to Vermont made Tracy's safer.


I guess I will not be wishing for the formula to change anymore :(