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This worked for the most part

Thick as Thieves - Tali Spencer

I purchased this book a year or so ago on somebody's recommendation and let it stew in my TBR - blurb just sounded weird (fucking himself with unicorn horn part that is). Recently somebody else recommended it and because I love fantasy I decided to give it a try and persevere as needed. For the most part it worked surprisingly well for me. It is not "from enemies to lovers" trope, not really but it is  something like "we are indifferent towards each other, really really indifferent but we really need each other for survival and maybe eventually we will grow fond of each other". Something like that.


I am even more surprised that the book worked for me because it has sex magic and sex magic usually makes me roll my eyes and repeatedly so - but here it worked for me. It made the frequent sex at least understandable (if not always well described for my taste) and more importantly magic which is at least partially dependable on sex is a strong part of magical system in the world of the book.


I enjoyed the world building, I really enjoyed how the writer seemed to give enough attention to how different type of magic works and different type of magic users, I thought the action was well paced and fun.


I thought Vorgell and Madd were great characters, and I enjoyed their journey towards more positive feelings towards each other, even though I never thought they were enemies at the beginning. Even when they were using each other for survival I thought they were decent to each other. Just do not expect lots of fluffy bunnies in their relationship.