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The Mane Event  - Shelly Laurenston

In a sense it is a mystery for me why I enjoy these books. They have tons of sex - way more than I would usually go for and while some things do happen, really overall not that much happens. Oh and in a couple that I read (I only read this one and "Bear meets girl) it looks like we have mating bond in all its glory. And I am just so sick of mating bond in so many m/m romances, I do not mind it if the love develops separately from the bond, not springs on you at the same time. And these books have "you my mate, be with me forever" - oy.

And I still enjoyed it and will read at least couple more. These books have strong women (and men) and women save their men just as often as men helped them - I so want these dynamics playing out more often in m/f romances and it is very funny. I recommend this book for the humor alone.