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Silencing Orpheus - J. Warren

I really liked "Stealing Ganymede" by this author and when I saw that he wrote another book, of course I was eager to get it. Now, I was kind of confused when the book was advertised as a sequel to "Ganymede", because from the blurb it looked like Orpheus was a main character (and he was, even though we are in the modern times mostly - don't ask, just read the book and find out :)). Yep, it was a sequel all right, even though Zeus and Ganymede are not in this book, thanks god, one of the very secondary characters is now one of the main ones.

Now, since I loved "Stealing Ganymede", those of you who read it know that it was not a light read, and I did not expect this one to be a light read, I really did not. I did not expect this book to be that sad and depressing though. I mean, as an interpretation of Orpheus' myth the novella (and it is a novella, and yeah, I thought it was too expensive for a novella but bought it anyway) worked well for me. I thought it was tragically beautiful and the writing was magical to me for the most part.

I have to admit though, I really can do without the heavy moralizing the author would impose on me when I did not think story warranted it. I just feel that authoritarial intrusion was way too heavy to the point I was getting annoyed. As a love story, well, I am not sure. I found main character one of the most tragic figures I have recently read about and one of the biggest hypocrites too.

3.5 stars