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Really good book (and my titles so suck!)

Light - Nathan Burgoine

I stumbled upon this book on Goodreads by accident and something in the
description just intrigued me so much that I decided to get it despite of
expensive price. I am glad I did. I am not sure if I would call this one a
romance. To me this one is more on gay fiction side, although it does not seem
to take itself as seriously as some gay fiction books do ( have nothing against
serious gay fiction books - read and enjoyed some, I am just trying to figure
out on which side of the spectrum this book falls). The narrator has paranormal
abilities and the plot has a lot to do with him actively using his paranormal
abilities to help other people. I guess that makes him a superhero :). But
settings are so realistic and well described that story has the contemporary
feel instead of futuristic one. I also really liked the main character - his
voice is very likeable, at times funny and a little self deprecating. There is a
romantic storyline with happy ending - I hesitated to call it a romance because
it is given less attention than I would say should be in a romance story but it
is certainly there. I also thought the book was well edited.

I really
appreciated Karen's character in this book - she may have been Kuieran's ( main
character) supportive best friend but she surely has other goals in life besides
being his best friend. On the other hand I was not sure what purpose the
character of Rachel had served. She was not evil at all, not a caricature either
- her presence just was really confusing to me.

I also appreciated the
feeling of inclusiveness this book has - it set during a Pride week in Ottava.
Trasgender men and women, lesbian women are mentioned in passing but you feel
that everybody is together if that makes sense.