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Bad Idea - Damon Suede


I waited for the next novel from Damon Suede ever
since I read and loved "Hot head". Mind you, I did not care what the next novel
will be about - I will read about almost anything as long as I consider it well
written. But when I saw that this novel will be about the people who create art
(besides being a romance I mean), I could not wait. I am a consumer of art -
books, paintings, theater, cinema, all these things not only entertain me, but
fascinate me. I am not a creative person myself, so I am always eager to read a
meditation on how the art gets created. I was waiting to read a take on how a
talented person can create comics, or any kind of art, what his mind and soul
can come up with. I deliberately did not read "Horn gate", although I knew that
this was the comics which Trip imagines in this novel, because I wanted to
experience how the art gets born first. And of course I was eager to read a

Unfortunately I was very disappointed. I am not sure what the
plot of this book was - in other words, I am not sure where did the story go and
whether the story was present in the first place. The writing was not bad (from
the reader's point of view), but I felt like the story was aimlessly wondering
around for the most part without much meaning. Yes, it has some nice insights
about creating art, which I loved, like this one:

"Silas muttered,
"<snip the word Amazon does not want me to post. The best villain is the
thing that proves your hero wrong. Whatever murders hope. Y'know?" He bit his
tongue like a little boy. His strokes carved the page into segments: dark and
bright. "Monsters don't wreck the world by smashing it. They corrode everything
around just by existing. Right? Like acid"

However, it is not enough for
me to enjoy the story, especially such LONG story like this one (it has over
7300 locations on my kindle). I need plot and great characters. Speaking about
characters - when I saw that this story will not have much plot, I was hoping
that maybe it will transform in a slow moving character based story, where with
every page we will learn something new and interesting about main
Sadly - not so much. I am still not sure what I know about Trip
and Silas after I am done with the book. I am sorry, but them both being an
insecure human beings and talented artists is just not enough for

Their love story just did not give me much of additional insight into
their souls. I mean there were some nice moments, but again it got lost amongst
pages and pages which frankly just added to aimless wondering around feeling for
me. Sex was hot though - but usually sex is the icing on top of great plot and
characters that I am looking for, so that did not help me much.

appreciated interesting secondary characters and several women characters
amongst them which felt real and human.

2.5 stars