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I am conflicted about this book

Where'd You Go, Bernadette: A Novel - Maria Semple

As many many reviews told you already Bernadette has a husband and a daughter
Bree. Bernadette is also an architect who stopped being one because of something
that happened in her past and presumably for this reason or at least partially
for that reason she has huge anxiety issues. This book is about how she deals
with those issues while raising her daughter - mostly anyway.

I liked the
unusual structure of the book, I loved Bree's voice - actually I loved how she
captured the voice of the teenager IMO and maid her narration different from
other people. In fact most of the narrators have pretty distinct voices. I liked
the light touch - I thought the book was amusing and entertaining.


The reason
why I am conflicted is because at some point in the book I wondered whether the
touch was TOO light for the issues addressed and I do not mean Bernadette's
issues. I actually mostly mean how her relationship with her husband was
addressed. I found what he tried to do to her upsetting and inadequate -
behavior of somebody who wants to put the burden on somebody else, rather than
put an effort. It left me dissatisfied. I liked the resolution between Bree and
Bernadette though - a lot.