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Transitional Arrangements - Ann Somerville My goodness I loved this book, not liked but really really loved. I would not say that the writing in this one is just as top notch as in my absolute favorites of this writer's works, but it is still tons better than so many books by other writers that I have read. Most importantly together with the sequel A fresh start it has one of the best "enemies turned friends and lovers" trope that I have read in the long time. Those characters just tugged at my heart strings, all five of them and to see them finally getting their chance at happiness in the sequel indeed pleased me greatly.

I think though that as much as I loved the guys, Luis' character was just superb. I mean, especially in the sequel I found her the least sympathetic, however very realistic and I found myself if not liking, at least understanding all her choices. What a breath of fresh air from so many female characters in m/m fiction, who are for the most part so very one dimensional and fall flat for me. I mean, I know Ann writes wonderful female characters, had known since Interstitual, but it was great to see the confirmation of it.

I also always like the spiritualism in her books, it is so, I don't know, I guess appealing to me would be the best word.