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Raising Seth (First Time #1) - Eden Cole I bought this story because I decided to be brave and try completely new to me author. And I am usually not brave, and only try new authors with the help of trusted recommendations, or when I can try them as part of reviewing for the blog. So basically I found another author whose works I will run away screaming from.

The age difference between characters did not bother me at all. I mean, 18 and 28? I have read stories with much larger age difference in mm, and while I am usually not a fan of May December romances, some stories with 20 or even 25 age difference worked for me. Ten years is nothing for this genre .... if written well.

This one just so was not. Seth reads to me as if he is fourteen or fifteen years old - he acts and talks as a very young teenager. Petulant teenager angry at the world and yes, did not feel as if I am reading about the young man at all.

And their interactions? I found them severely lacking chemistry. Also for some reason : "Do you want me to drink your come?" when characters are talking about whether it is okay to come in another guy's mouth makes me laugh and not in a good way.

Everything just felt artificial and wooden in this story. The whole set up of bringing Seth to Gray's house just made zero sense to me. And of course they both liked women a lot, just before this encounter that is.

And yes Gray tried really really hard not to make a pass on Seth... not. All his angst felt just so wierd because he gave in so fast.

I barely avoided giving my Kindle a flying workout when I was done with this story.