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Sex Slave - MomsDarkSecret I was looking for a hurt/comfort story and I remembered friend enjoying another series by this author, so I thought I could take a chance because the blurb promised the recovery and healing story. Sigh, I liked it and was dissappointed at the same time. I really liked the easy flow of the writing, you do not even have to work hard to imagine what is happening in the story, it is right in front of your eyes.

But I extremely disliked how fast and easy Captain caved in to having sex with the boy who really could not consent to it and yes, there is a justification and there is an explanation, it is just did not work for me.

True, he was nice, I still felt as if he was taking advantage of Kitten's trauma. I know it was not author's intention, but that's the impression I got and the whole hurt/comfort aspect took on some creepy feeling for me :(