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Romance and other things

Widdershins - Jordan L. Hawk It was a great mystery/adventure with magic and horror involved along the way. I was not as enamored about building romance, because for quite some time I just did not feel any chemistry between Griffin and Percy, even when they started having sex. I liked them as friends and I liked them separately, I just did not feel much connection between them. They did win me over in the second part of the story and if there would be further adventures, I will definitely read it.

Loved Christine's character - strong female supporting character is always a plus in my book.

As an aside I honestly do not get the criticisms I have read about this writer using anachronistic words. I note it as a matter of confusion not intending to argue with other reviews. It is NOT a historical, even though it supposedly happens in 1897. It is a very AU universe (unless somebody can produce documentary evidence of magic being used at that time or any time) In my mind that gives writer the cart blanche to go with the words which are very very anachronistic since it is not a real historical anyway.