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Don't Trust the Cut - Kade Boehme I was afraid that this book would be too angsty for me and that I would not be happy with how protagonists' issues are treated (meaning they would not be treated with the sufficient depth). Surprisingly enough, it mostly worked for me. Yes, attraction between the guys was fast, but the author nicely kept it to Insta!Lust which I have no problem believing in. And the chemistry between them was great. Break up would have annoyed the crap out of me and fast, since misunderstandings like that are one of my huge pet peeves, but for Tucker it worked. I believed that because of his problems he could have jumped to the wrong conclusions and fast, rather than trying to talk it out. I liked that there was no miracle cure for Tucker at the end, just support of the loved one and friends and his desire to get better and work for it, set backs or not.

Now portrayal of women in m/m fiction is another one of my hot buttons. I am tired of women providing the reason for the conflict between the men - way way too easy if you ask me. I was really worried that Miranda would be that annoying, evil caricature for a while, but thank goodness she turned out to be just a flawed human being, same as Jesse's mom. And of course Allison was awesome.

Good book, I do recommend.