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Captive - Remy Jensen I say surprisingly because it is getting harder and harder for me to find a short story/short novella in mm genre which would satisfy me. More often than not I end up thinking that short story looks more like an outline for the novel and it is frustrating.

Well, since I bought this story on the strength of good review by somebody whose tastes I trust, I guess I should not be that surprised :)

This story feels amazingly complete with 18000 words. Oh the love story is basically just starting, but I for once thought that it is believable that they would have a future together. I would call the ending strong HFN.

I have a love/hate relationship with capture stories - this one worked for me very well, partly because it is on the lighter side and characters making subtle fun of some usual plot developments in those stories was funny. Nico thinking at some point that he has Stockholm Syndrome was hilarious for example.

I liked Patrick too, quite a lot, but Nico was wonderful, was very pleased to see that the writer did not portray him as stupid, Nico is actually sharp and observant.