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Make Do and Mend - Adam Fitzroy One of the reasons why I love the books by this writer so much (and almost every book published by Manifold Press) is because they seem to care about the story. When this writer tells the story about two men in love, you know that you are going to get so much more than the characters having sex most of the time on page. You are getting the characters who are firmly situated in their settings, who grew to be the people they are because of the world and people that surrounded them.

When I was reading this story I caught myself more than once being so happy when the writer devoted so much care to atmosphere of the village in Britain during the beginning of Second World War, when so much attention was paid to quite a few lovely secondary characters. Jim and Harry had enough page space to interact, to become friends first and lovers next, but IMO the story, especially a novel should always pay attention to more than two characters, even if romance is at the front and center of the storyline. Sadly, it does not always happen and this writer is one of my go to authors, when I want a meaty story.

The pacing is quite slow, beware of that, but I thought it was a very comfortable not a boring "slow" if that makes sense.