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Birds of a Feather - Nicole Kimberling I am a fan of Nicole Kimberling's writing and this book did not dissappoint me either. It looks like this is the last book in the series, based on the event happening in Nick's and Peter's personal life, but I certainly will not object to reading more about their adventures if the writer so decides. :)

Everything that I love about her works is here - dry humor, observations about human nature that actually make sense. The adult men who actually *act* like ones and who do not become "plot zombies" ;). I loved for example that no matter how much Peter wanted to smack Shamus, he decided that this is what losers do. I wish more characters in m/m stories actually behaved their age. And what I also liked that even in comparison to book four Peter seemed to learn a lesson about rushing out alone. I really really like when the character grows throughout the series like that.

Mystery starts like relatively "lite" but turns out to be quite dangerous and actions of the villain really made sense too.

For those of you who care there is I would say one and a half unexplicit sex scene. But if you like me have read previous books by this writer, you know already that she pays attention to her characters and plot and sex is just a bit of icing on the cake. Exactly the way I love it.