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Gumption & Gumshoes - Alex Kidwell Funny how the story where one guy is a chinchilla shifter often felt more realistic to me than some other stories which were supposed to me straight contemporary stories. I absolutely adored August - a bit overweight with some self confidence problems sweet guy, who did not look like a gorgeous model for once. August had a dream to become a private detective and finally got a chance to fulfill it. And of course he found love along the way.

I loved how realistic and not glamorous the case he investigated was, but of course he got to do some fun things during that investigation too - story has to be entertaining overall and kudos to the writer for accomplishing that.

Romance was very sweet - a bit fast, but not too fast, because in the land of m/m romance much much faster falling in love happened gazillion times in my reading experience and developing crush before they got to know each other better at least made sense to me. August' self confidence issue also made perfect sense to me and of course I thought it was very romantic when in the eyes of the person you love one looks gorgeous. At the same time we do not see August *changing* anything in himself (not that I thought he should - he never described as somebody whose weight issues threatened his health.

Sam's issues made sense too, and I thought they had a lovely chemistry together. If this is a set up for the series, then I will be happy to read more.

What did I not like? I thought Sam's shock as to August being a shifter should have lasted a touch longer than it did - people turning into "fluffy rodents" is not an everyday occurrence lol.

And oh dear, I *get* that sex sells, I really do, and I thought mandatory sex scene at 50% of the story was mostly lovely (I say mandatory because for some reason it happens in about 90% of the books I have read in this genre), but did it have to be so long? And another one right after? It is like either writer was scared that she did not put enough sex in otherwise very nicely done narrative, or the editor insisted - like some kind of mandatory amount of sex just must be there. They were having sex from about 50% to 74% of the story with very little interruptions lol and then story gets back to itself. Oy.

Still very enjoyable - Augustus' habit alone to blurt out things he wished he would keep to himself for example made me smile more than once.