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O Come All Ye Kinky - Sarah Frantz, Kim Dare, Jane Davitt, Joey W. Hill, Katie Porter, Elyan Smith, L.A. Witt, Ava March, Alexa Snow There is nothing wrong that I can point to in any of these stories. They are all nice, sweet BDSM themed shorts. But when I pick up a short or shorter novella, novelette, whatever I want intensity of feeling. I mean, I get that the author has very limited time to sell me on the love between two leads, so I need to be convinced right away.

Sadly, while writing being good throughout very few authors really succeeded with gusto for me. I loved Elyan Smith's writing in his other story released from Riptide earlier this year, and I loved Zach's POV in his story in this anthology, LOVED it, too bad mfm menages of any sort do nothing for me. But even Zach's and Simon's being together on page did nothing to me either. Oh well.

Katie Porter was another new name to me that I discovered last year and I was eager to read f/f story from this author. It was very hot and I actually felt that the women are in love and feel strongly towards each other. Kind of amusing since I am primarily mm reader (although I do pick up occasional f/f story here and there.

I had several familiar names in this anthology I was so looking foward to read their works. Sadly, meh would be the encompassing description of what I got instead.

Actually, no I think Kim Dare's story was passionate enough for me, which again is kind of amusing since I only read two or three stories by this writer.