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Blind Space - Marie Sexton This writer rarely dissappoints me. I love scifi stories, and I am usually easily sold on the adventures in space and when the story has great characters, I am sold even faster. I enjoyed what this writer did with the potentially master/slave trope which for me can easily go so wrong and went so right and became something, I loved how much easy going chemistry Tristan and Valero had and how romantic every interaction between them was, even when one or both of the guys were not in their happiest moods. I loved Tristan's voice, I loved that he was able to reevaluate his place in life even when initially the situation he found himself in did not encourage to do so at all. I absolutely adored Tristan's fetish - unexpected, but so very sweet. Yes I would have loved more adventures, but even as scifi being mostly a setting for romance (but well enough drawn setting and with enough meat for sequel if she so desires one day in my opinion), it really worked well for me.